Lyrics and translation of Powstanie Warszawskie (Tyle nadziei, tyle mlodosci) available!

A brief note to inform you that the lyrics of the track “Powstanie Warszawskie (Tyle nadziei, tyle młodości)“, that can be listened to on the homepage of the site, can now be accessed at this address. Written by Adam Nowak (Raz, Drwa, Trzy) and sung with Sylwia Wiśniewska to the music of Karim Martusewicz, this track – depicting the tragic fate of the heroic Polish capital – will appear on the soundtrack of the film, itself scheduled for 2014. This one has been available for download on iTunes since last 1 August, for the 69th anniversary of the Warsaw Rising.

Please note that the lyrics of “Powstanie Warszawskie (Tyle nadziei, tyle Młodości)” has been translated into French by the webmaster and added with the lyrics.

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