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For me this project is extremely interesting. The preview was very stirring also because what I saw was not the film setting – I saw the truth. I am waiting impatiently to see the “Warsaw Uprising”.

- Allan Starski, film set designer, Oscar winner

You will witness something extremely shocking and fascinating. Everything you see in the film: everyday life, joy, tears and death, really happened. It happened in Warsaw. This unprecedented undertaking has been very successful in all respects: historically and artistically. I am convinced that this film will generate great interest in the world. I am glad that we could join in this project, which we are going to support at the time of its international promotion.

- Agnieszka Odorowicz, Director of the Polish Film Institute

I was moved to see this moment immortalized on film; I was so proud of it back then! We captured the German police headquarters and got weapons!

- Prof Witold Kieżun (codename “Wypad”) comments on his role in the film

Authenticity was paramount. Filmmakers recorded sound at a firing range shooting from the same kinds of weapons seen in the film. Lip-reading experts studied the footage, allowing actors to give people in the movie a voice. Historians consulted surviving fighters and pored through thousands of old pictures to get the right color and shade in every garment, object and place.

- Washington Post, August 2013

The scenes are as riveting as any Hollywood war movie. But they are snippets of historical footage from the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, enhanced by modern coloring and sound techniques – and turned into a film.

- Daily Mail, August 2013